For your shopping you have done on;

The product you will return or exchange,

Send it to us (free of charge) with the shipping code 855075484 from Yurtiçi Kargo Branches.
If you specify the reason for return-exchange and the product (and size) you want to change next to the product, your transactions will take less time.
The controls of your return or exchange process are made within 1-3 working days after the product reaches our company.
Return transactions are carried out online through IYZICO. Payment will be refunded automatically. Refund transactions are reflected in the card account within 1-3 business days for payments made with credit cards and within 1-7 business days for payments made with debit (debit) cards. (Time varies according to the bank.)
Shipping fee for returns and refunds;
50 TL for online payment by credit card,
It is reflected to you as 50 TL for free shipping.
Exchange shipping fee is 50 TL
Your exchange and return period is 14 Days from the date your cargo arrives.
Refunds are made within 1-7 working days after the product reaches our company. - You can send an e-mail to [email protected] for your questions and problems related to return and exchange.

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