Which cargo do you work with? How much are the shipping costs, what is the service fee?

- FREE SHIPPING for all your purchases. It may vary during the campaign periods, the shipping amount may be reflected in orders below the specified amount. (Free shipping amount is 3000 liras in Mai December Discounts. )

What is the Delivery Time and How are the Delivery Types?

- You will be automatically notified by e-mail when your order is received. You can track your order by entering the relevant order number from the Order Tracking link. The products you have ordered and paid for are delivered to cargo within 24 hours. Your orders are delivered to cargo companies every day except Sunday.

- Depending on the distance of your city from Istanbul, delivery time may take 1 to 5 days. During discount and campaign periods, the delivery date may take longer than usual.

What is the shipping code for return and exchange?

- The product you will return or exchange,
Please send it to us (free of charge) from Yurtiçi Kargo Branches with 855075484 shipping code.

- If you want to send your exchange or return cargo with another cargo company, please note that the shipping fee must be covered by you.

What are your product return conditions?  How Does the Return and Exchange Process Work?

- For returns and exchanges, the product must be unused and 14 days must not have passed from the date of receipt of the product.

- If you specify the reason for your return-exchange and the product (and size) you want to exchange next to the product, your transactions will take less time.

When will the refund of the product(s) I returned be made?


- The controls of your return or exchange process are made within 1-7 working days after the product reaches our company.  Your return process will start as soon as the product reaches our online warehouse.

- Return transactions are carried out online via PAYTR-MOKA. Payment will be refunded automatically. Refund transactions are reflected in the card account within 1-3 business days for payments made with credit cards and within 1-7 business days for payments made with debit (debit) cards. (The time varies according to the bank.)

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Are there any deductions in return transactions?

- The amounts you have purchased for the products you send back for your purchases on www.mai.com.tr will be refunded to you. No deduction is made from the return amounts of the products you have purchased.

- The Shipping Fee you pay for the products to reach you and the Payment at the Door Service Fee charged for your orders with payment at the door are not refunded.

- If there is a defect in the product or if a faulty product is sent, these amounts are also not deducted.

What are your payment options?

- You can make your payments by money order, credit card or cash at the door for your orders from our site.

Can I pay at the door?

- We have a CASH PAYMENT AT THE DOOR service for you to complete your shopping comfortably and easily. 

- Payment at the door service is valid for your orders with MNG Cargo and a service fee of 10 TL is charged for the shipping fee.

I made a transfer from your site, but I cannot access the transfer name and account information. How can I access it?


IBAN:TR860020500009688823600001 (Kuveyttürk)

- Please send the receipt to [email protected]

To send via Fast, simply select e-mail and type [email protected].

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How often are your stocks updated?

- As new products come to our website www.mai.com.tr every day, the stocks of the products that are sold out and in demand are renewed at regular intervals.

- You can use our "Notify When In Stock" feature on the product page to be notified when the product you like but cannot order due to insufficient stock is back in stock.

How can we access product dimensions?

- In the "product specifications" section of each product on our site, there is information about the fabric content, washing instructions and size chart information about the product.

How can I shop on your website?

- Add the products you want to buy on our site to your basket by clicking the "Add to Basket" button.

When the product is added, you will see the My Shopping Basket screen. If there is no other product you want to buy, click the "Complete Order" button to complete your shopping.

- Enter the address where the delivery will be made, enter your shipping information, enter your payment information in the next step and review your order information, read and approve the order agreement and preliminary information form and click the "Complete Order" button.

- When your order is completed, the confirmation / thank you screen will open and a confirmation / thank you e-mail will be sent.

Can I place an order without being a member?

- It is possible to place an order without being a member. For this, it is enough to add the products you want to buy from the product pages to the basket and choose the 'Continue Without Being a Member' option from the screen that appears in the 'Complete Order' step.

- You can follow the notifications of the order you placed without being a member from the e-mail address and mobile phone number you shared during the order.

- We recommend that you order as a member in order to access the information about your orders.

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